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I have been practicing the craft of woodworking for most of my life and have always found contentment in the process of creating useful objects. The craft of woodworking and the art of furniture design is truly a life long process of improving one's skills and learning from mistakes. In short, it is a very humbling and yet satisfying form of expression. Like many woodworkers, I consider myself self-taught, however this is never quite true, because like so many others, my skills have been developed by studying the work of craftsmen that came before me and learning from the wisdom and knowledge they willingly shared.


During the past 30 years of furniture making I have developed a style and design aesthetic that suites my personal taste amd makes visual sense to me. My approach to furniture design is more of an evolutionary process, in that you can trace the subtle changes in design from one piece to the next.


I build custom furniture on a commission basis a generally produce five or six pieces each year depending upon the size and complexity of the projects. I primarily use domestic hardwoods such a walnut, cherry and figured maple for most of my furniture. I hand pick all stock and use only premium quality lumber that is specifically selected for the piece at hand. My furniture is built with solid wood construction with time-honored traditional joinery techniques that allow for wood movement which occures with seasonal humidity changes. I personally design, build and finish each piece that leaves my shop.


Thank you for taking the time to view my work, I hope you enjoy what you see.

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